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The South African Future Trust Awards are much more than just a competition; it’s a launchpad for your innovative ideas, recognition of your hard work, and a celebration of your entrepreneurial spirit. 

With six distinct categories tailored to diverse business visions, these awards are your ticket to unprecedented growth, visibility, and success.

As a South African entrepreneur, you have the power to not just thrive in business, but to be a catalyst for meaningful change. The Awards will provide a platform for you to amplify your impact, potentially attract investors and more importantly, to leave a lasting, positive imprint on our country and our communities.

Each category winner will receive a grand prize valued at R500,000, consisting of a cash injection of R250,000 to foster immediate business growth, and a support package to the same value. The package will include mentorship from seasoned industry leaders, cutting-edge hardware and other essential resources that will enable the winner to scale their operations and accelerate their business trajectory.

Winning means more than just a prize. It’s about gaining publicity for your business, being acknowledged as a leader in your field, and joining an elite circle of game-changers and innovators.

Use the competition launchpad for your next big leap:

  • Have a registered business.
  • Have a valid tax number.

*Some categories have additional criteria.

SA Future Trust Awards FAQ’s

1. What are the South African Future Trust Awards?

The South Africa Future Trust Awards are a prestigious recognition platform celebrating entrepreneurs in South Africa who are driving sustainable growth and positive change within various sectors.

2. How many award categories are there?

There are six award categories: Youth Entrepreneur, Social Entrepreneur, Tech Entrepreneur, Most Innovative Idea, Women in Business (Sponsored by Standard Bank), and Best Implementation of the Playbook.

3. What kind of prizes can winners expect?

Winners in each category will receive prizes valued at R500,000, including R250,000 in cash and R250,000 worth of mentorship, hardware, and other business support.

4. Who is eligible to enter the awards?

Eligible applicants must have a registered business, and possess a valid tax number.

5. What is the focus of the South African Future Trust Awards?

The focus is on recognizing and empowering entrepreneurs who contribute to sustainable growth and positive societal change in South Africa.

6. How can these awards benefit my business?

Beyond the monetary and material prizes, winners gain national recognition, publicity, and opportunities for mentorship and networking, boosting your business’ profile and growth potential.

7. Are there specific requirements for the 'Best Implementation of the Playbook' category?

Yes, to be eligible for this category, you must have attended the South African Future Trust Summit and implemented measurable strategies from the playbook discussed at the summit.

8. Can startups or small businesses apply for these awards?

Absolutely! Startups and small businesses that meet the eligibility criteria are encouraged to apply, as the awards aim to support and elevate businesses at various stages of growth.

We invite you to enter and write the next chapter of South African business success, together. This is more than an award; It’s your moment. Claim it!

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